The HSS drill range in our portfolio covers all the necessities of use. You will find helical drills with 0.15 mm diameter, centering drills, step drills and boring tools for almost all materials.


Drilling perfection with maximum performance.

WTX carbide drills bits over the years have been a user experience. WNT offers for each application the right WTX drill: WTX-UNI, WNT-VA, WTX-H, WTX-AI, WTX-TI, WTX-Speed, WTX-180, WTX-Change.
The program will be completed with WTX-Mini drills for small bores from Ø 0.1 mm as well as WTX-TB drills for deep bores, which can be used up to a depth of 50xD.


Greater advance in addition to maximum process safety. 

High Feed Drill C900 is a WNT drill with indexable inserts and 4-edged geometry a kind of newly developed broadband for extremely high drilling advance and high chip volume. Ideal for universal use on lathes, drilling and milling machines. PolyDrill, indexable inserts drill with high stability and low cutting forces. In general, WNT indexable inserts drill are equipped with helical channels for the best process safety. Available in a wide range for all materials- and for heat-resistant alloys.


WNT product range includes reamers and countersinks that are suitable for universal application in all materials.

From standard products to high-performance tools for customers with exacting requirements in terms of radial run-out accuracy, our product range is sure to have the ideal tool for your application: HSR-UNI, VA and AL high performance reamers such as Reamax reamers with removable head Ø 12.5-40 mm si Monomax adjustable reamers Ø 5.6-25.89 mm. MultIChange reamers with removable head -for each application the corresponding head.